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These are probably the most important parts of our day-to-day living. Each of us strives to live in a safe and comfortable environment that we share with our loved ones and friends. Our normal routines, responsibilities and activities are geared towards supporting and continuing the comfort and safety we enjoy as a member of the family and community.

DCCLP was organized with the Family and Community in mind. Our organization is private nonprofit whose purpose is to help provide a comfortable, safe and normal living environment for persons with a developmental disability. It is our goal that such people may live as independently as possible and become productive citizens in the Durham community. We have successfully opened and currently operate seven Group Home Programs, Apartment Living and Independent Living Programs providing Personal Assistance for over thirty persons, and we have specifically individualized settings for those who need more specialized care. We have been providing these residential programs since our first Group Home was opened in 1974.

Special Thanks to Those Helping Us During the COVID-19 Pandemic!

  • LaPerre Family
  • Bernstein Family
  • Bryson Family
  • Cara Chinery
  • Westglen Community
  • Parkwood United Methodist Church
  • Matt Miller
  • Amy Matsuo
  • Betty Jo Simons
  • Carolyn Carlson

Please note that we are still requesting donations of Lysol Disinfecting Spray, toilet paper and paper towels. Thank you for all your help!