Family, community, work, and home are probably the most important parts of our day-to-day living.  Each of us strives to live in a safe and comfortable environment that we share with our loved ones and friends.  Our normal routines, responsibilities, and activities are geared towards supporting and continuing the comfort and safety we enjoy as a member of the family and community.  Durham County Community Living Programs was organized with the family and community in mind.  Our organization is a private nonprofit whose purpose is to help provide a comfortable, safe, and normal living environment for people with developmental disabilities.  It is our goal that such people may live as independently as possible and become productive citizens in the Durham community.


We are an organization with passion and determination that values people with disabilities as neighbors, consumers, citizens, family members and friends. Our society is inspired and enhanced when people with disabilities live as empowered members of the community.


Our mission is to provide choices and opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities to live, learn, and grow in the Durham community by offering a comprehensive range of safe, comfortable living options, supports, and services in which individuals can imagine and achieve their full potential.


Accreditation is a process that demonstrates a provider has met standards for the quality of its services. CARF International establishes these standards to guide providers in offering their services and also uses the standards to evaluate how well a provider is serving  people and how it can improve.  DCCLP had been accredited by CARF since 2008.